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With the aid of software, Strelen can now detect impurities in confectionery. The camera can also distinguish color tones and recognize even black insects in dark chocolate.
Published in Sweets Processing 11-12/2022
A paper manufacturing company needed a solution to help identify pulpproperties when identifying codes were obscured.
Published on 09/2022
Deep Learning can help to make decisions at the level of human experts.
Published in INSPECT International 09/2022
SAFE-IDENT Sort detects and separates nuts from unwanted by-products.
Published on, Vol. 3/2020
SAFE-IDENT Label recognizes all types of labels.
Published in baking + biscuit 04_2020
Challenges presented by the EU Falsified Medicines Directive for pharmaceuticals.
Published on, 01/2020
Published in Kunststoffmagazin – Chinese Edition 06/2019
Quality Control of Porous or Granular Substances with Modern Image Processing.
Published in CHEManager Fine & Speciality 01/2019

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