Safe-Ident Code Inline

Optimizing Quality Control and Avoiding Rejects

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SAFE-IDENT Code can inspect common one- and two-dimensional codes on moving objects, regardless of where the code is placed on the surface of the package. Our solution comes into use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Easily Preventing Errors in Packaging Processes

Quality control is essential in industrial packaging processes. Staff manually load packaging machines with cardboard, which is subsequently folded mechanically so that the corresponding product can be placed within. In this process, the cardboard needs to be aligned correctly (for instance, putting the print at the top) and correspond to the product to be placed inside. Errors occurring in the fitting of the machine are time-consuming and cost-intensive. Should the language on the cardboard be unknown to the employee sorting them, mistakes happen quickly. For instance, a product containing allergenic substances might erroneously be packed into boxes declaring a non-allergenic product. Simple random offline controls after the packaging process hold the risk of high error rates, which lead to many rejects, returns or even penalties.
One possibility to substantially reduce the error rate is to check and control the conventionally used barcodes or 2D codes that are printed on food or pharmaceutical packaging. Our Safe-Ident Code Inline solution guarantees 100% control performed in real-time during the production process. A camera system checks every single package to see if it is correct and compares the content of the deciphered code with an in-house database. Should a series of errors occur during the packaging process, Safe-Ident Code Inline can generate an appropriate error message or even stop the whole packaging process. This helps reduce unnecessary rejects.

High-Resolution Imaging Chips

SAFE-IDENT Code is based on high-speed cameras that can inspect up to 100 packages per second. A high-resolution 20 mega-pixel camera is optionally available if codes need to be scanned that are placed a great distance from each other, or if the positioning of the codes varies considerably. Furthermore, our technology is able to localize and read codes that are misaligned, severely damaged, hard to detect, or low in contrast. In the case of three-dimensional objects – such as packaged goods – multiple cameras make it possible to read codes in different locations. Since packaging formats vary depending on brand and product, our system can also handle varying operating distances.

Great Variety of Optics

Integrated lighting is not suitable for wide fields of view or large operating distances, which is why we only use external lighting with our products. Due to our great selection of different external lighting and optics, we can guarantee excellent image properties – even for operating distances of up to 2000mm (78”).

Compatible With All Types of PLC

SAFE-IDENT Code interfaces with all common PLC types as well as with potential-free contacts for handshake. Independent of the number of cameras used or codes registered, the system poses as only one interface for external PLC. Even with complex tasks, such as a multitude of codes, the installation of our system is quick and easy.

A look at the user interface:

Safe-Ident Code Inline User Interface
The design of our user interface is clear and user-friendly. 

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The following optional information can help us to draw up a customized offer for you:

• Size of visual field required (mm or inches)
• Distance between camera and object (mm or inches)
• Number of shots needed (per second)
• Number of codes per object
• Size of the codes
• Number of cameras needed

You can find all the information about SAFE-IDENT Code in our info flyer, which you can request here free of charge:

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