Pharmaceutical Industries
In virtually all industrial sectors the relevance of image processing is continuously on the rise. Solutions based on the analysis of digital images are becoming more and more popular, especially in answer to challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution which led to the digitization and interlinking of production means. Cameras are used in machine and plant engineering to monitor production and packaging processes.

The Challenges of the European Union Falsified Medicines Directive Can Be Overcome

There are strict safety rules and regulations, specifically in the pharmaceutical industries, about the labeling and documentation of drugs. On 9 February 2019 the European Union Falsified Medicines Directive (“EU-Fälschungsrichtlinie”) was implemented which requires all prescription drugs to be tested for authenticity before being given to patients. This is done with a security feature in the form of a data matrix code that must be placed on all prescription drugs. Both for manufacturers and retailers it entails great effort to check these variable prints on every single package. Ideally, these codes can be read in bulk quantities at the same time.
SAFE-IDENT Code tackles all the challenges inline and offline that accompany the process: controlling very small print, reading badly contrasting codes, or scanning continuously changing packaging formats. Up to 300 data matrix codes can be checked inline per minute for presence and correctness, offline up to 300 can be captured with one shot.
With SAFE-IDENT Code, UDI-compliant checks can also be implemented.
Codeprüfung gemäß EU-Fälschungsrichtlinie

Controlling Variable Data on Pre-Packaged Goods

A best before date on pre-packed food is required by law in the EU, Switzerland, and many other markets worldwide. It is a challenge for the image processing industry to quickly and reliably check best before dates and product numbers, regardless of the products’ different packaging formats and designs.
Our product SAFE-IDENT OCR was developed specifically for the special needs of the food industries. The software can handle numerous different packaging formats and is able to decipher any data regardless of the print quality.

Reliable Examination of Labels

Single-dose packages, bottles, cans, and many other packaging units require mandatory quality controls. If these products are provided with the wrong or with erroneous labels high costs may arise, which could have been avoided.
SAFE-IDENT Label quickly and reliably checks whether the labels are present, correct, readable, and complete. For this, labels are placed into an offline monitoring station on a random basis – for instance, at the start of a new product batch and then at regular intervals.
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