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Reading and Monitoring Codes – Simple as Never Before

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The solution for the European Union Falsified Medicines Directives (2011/62/EU) of the Pharmaceutical Industries & Unique Device Identification (UDI) compliant inspection

Our SAFE-IDENT Code Tower inspects common one- or two-dimensional codes – regardless of where they are placed on the surface of the package. Our system can be used in a multitude of industrial settings, for instance in the pharmaceutical industry.

We deliver the SAFE-IDENT Code Tower as a complete system with an integrated one-camera-solution. The user simply places the packages with the codes underneath this camera and up to 300 data matrix codes can be registered at a time and be read simultaneously.

High-Resolution Imaging Chips

Our technology is based on high-resolution imaging chips and is available with resolutions from 5 to 30 megapixels. This enables the system to recognize the number of codes and, if desired, register these codes simultaneously. It poses no problem to recognize very small codes, even if they are placed far apart. Furthermore, our technology can localize and read codes that are misaligned, badly damaged, hard to detect, or low in contrast. In the case of three-dimensional objects – such as packaged goods – multiple cameras make it possible to read codes in different locations.

You can find all information about the SAFE-IDENT Code Tower (includig a data sheet) in our free broschure:

Unique on the Market: Our Real-Time Autofocus

The SAFE-IDENT Code Tower is equipped with an autofocus able to react in real-time. When reading codes on consecutive objects, which vary considerably in height, the camera can automatically optimize the focus.

Great Variety of Optics

Integrated lighting is not suitable for wide fields of view or large operating distances which is why we only use external lighting with our products. Due to our great selection of different external lighting and optics, we can guarantee excellent image properties. This means code recognition poses no problem for distances from 50mm to 2000mm (1.9” to 78”) between camera and object.

Integration into Logistics Processes

Aggregation, inspecting incoming goods or supporting queries in accordance with securPharm or the European Union Falsified Medicines Directive, respectively: SAFE-IDENT Code Tower has standardized interfaces so it can easily be integrated into logistics processes, for instance, to prepare data to be checked against the Falsified Medicines Directive. It also offers integrated assistance systems that support the user in counting, documenting, editing, and finding codes.
Unsere Safe-Ident Code Station
The boxes with the codes are simply placed underneath the camera.
Unsere Safe-Ident Code Station
A monitor is provided, which displays a live image of the registered codes.
Up to 300 codes can be read simultaneously.
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A look at the user interface:

Safe-Ident Code User Interface
The SAFE-IDENT Code Tower can read and process up to 300 data matrix codes simultaneously.