Logistics Industries
Cameras are used in machine and plant engineering to monitor production and packaging processes. In the pharmaceutical industries, the Pharmacy Product Numbers (PPNs) also need to be registered and checked automatically via data link.

The Challenges of the European Union Falsified Medicines Directive Can Be Overcome

In the logistic branches of the pharmaceutical industries the anti-forgery safety system securPharm, implemented in 2019, has brought with it great efforts in packaging as well as checking variable data printed on folding boxes. To save production time, these data are aggregated during the packaging process as well as for the inspection on receipt of goods. In order to accomplish this, large quantities need to be analyzed simultaneously.
SAFE-IDENT Code can check the presence and correctness of up to 300 barcodes and data matrix codes per minute during the packaging process. Our one camera solution with excellent optical qualities can tackle all the challenges of inline quality control. Even tiny, variable data on varying packaging formats can be read quickly and reliably.
Picture Credits: © Maxiphoto / iStock