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The Strelen Group is looking for working students in the field of image processing, electrical engineering and computer science. Read more here.


SAFE-IDENT Compact from Strelen allows you to set up and use a smart camera without any hardware or programming knowledge! With true plug-and-play, the camera can be put to use! See more in this video.


Our video shows how raw products are measured for beauty.


Our latest innovation SAFE-IDENT Quality inspects raw products and fully automatically reports the results.


Our solution detects even the smallest foreign bodies from approx. 1 mm². Read more here in our press release.


We offer a well-founded feasibility analysis with a statement as to whether and how well an automatic,
deep learning-based quality analysis can be realized.


We will gladly send you a free infosheet via mail.


With our advancement of Safe-Ident Label, even complete packages can be inspected.


MVTec and Strelen provide a brand new HALCON solution.


Our new product SAFE-IDENT is now available.
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17 June 2020

Here you find our new post-, delivery- and billing address.

23 January 2020

Here you will see how Safe-Ident Label works, explained using user interfaces.

21 January 2020

Reading up to 300 Codes at once at the touch of a button.

12 September 2019

SAFE-IDENT Label quickly and reliably checks, whether the labels are present, correct, readable, and complete.

18 February 2019

SAFE-IDENT Impurity checks plastic film for impurities during wrapping or winding processes.

20 July 2018

SAFE-IDENT Food measures food without contact, movement or destruction – regardless of consistency and viscosity.

06 February 2018

StrelenOCR is a character recognition solution for checking best before dates or product numbers on folding boxes. It controls inline whether single characters and numbers are not only present on the object but also complete and legible.

12 December 2017

SAFE-IDENT Cell works offline and determines the number of pores, particles or float within a material, as well as the respective sizes, size distribution, and roundness.

14 July 2017

Strelen Control Systems presents a new solution for quick and easy monitoring of codes. It is fast, uncomplicated, and in this form unique on the market.
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