About Strelen

Optimizing Quality Control – Quick, Easy, Customized

Strelen Control Systems is a technology-software company in the Frankfurt area.

As experts in image processing and automation, we develop solutions for inspection, analysis and quality control as well as for the automation and control of production processes, both inline and offline.

Our services include the development of Industry 4.0 applications as well as the integration of artificial intelligence and deep learning into the analysis of collected data.

Our solutions are used in the following branches of industry:

• Food
• Pharmaceuticals
• Packaging
• Logistics
• Machine and plant engineering
• Automotive
• Chemical

Our satisfied customers worldwide benefit from innovative and unique products. We place particular emphasis on quick setup (“plug and play”) and ease of use, in order to guarantee our customers fast and uncomplicated time savings and work reduction.

In addition to our own products, we also offer solutions for your very specific needs:

• Consulting services and feasibility studies
• Complete customer-specific Deep Learning implementations
• Porting of Deep Learning based solutions to AI hardware accelerators

Geschäftsführer Dr. Stephan Strelen
Dr. Stephan Strelen