Safe-Ident Sort
Safe-Ident Sort
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Solutions in Industrial Image Processing by Strelen

Schrifterkennung mit Safe-Ident OCR

Deep Learning
can do OCR

Safe-Ident OCR controls, if best before dates on folding boxes, tubular bags, and further packaging used in the food industry are present, correct, legible, and complete.

Codeprüfung gemäß EU-Fälschungsrichtlinie

Monitoring Codes -
Simple as Never Before

Safe-Ident Code Offline makes inspecting numerous data matrix codes simultaneously possible – quickly and independently of their position upon the surface of the packaging.

Porenanalyse mit Safe-Ident Cell

Automatic Analysis of
Pores and Particles

Safe-Ident Cell determines the number of pores,
particles or floats in the material offline,
as well as their size, distribution of size and roundness.

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