Safe-Ident OCR

Character Recognition for Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

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Variable data is printed on almost all packaging in the food or pharmaceutical industries, and must match 100% with the packaged product. Products with clearly visible and easily discernible data are essential for both retail and customer:

• To comply with legal requirements
• To carry out import controls
• To prevent contractual penalties
• To avoid complaints and expensive recalls.

High Quality Due to Machine Learning

Problems in image processing that have up to now been unsolvable with the use of conventional algorithms, or for which the engineering costs for creating a solution have been too high, have now become solvable using artificial intelligence. Character recognition is one of these technologies where the quality of the solutions rendered by conventional algorithms has stagnated for years or has shown only minimal progress at best. For these reasons, Strelen relies on state of the art artificial intelligence and machine learning for SAFE-IDENT OCR.
OCR Deep Learning
Even damaged prints can be checked easily with Deep OCR

Features of Safe-Ident OCR

SAFE-IDENT OCR is a solution for character recognition and checking best before dates, product numbers or other text on folding boxes, tubular bags and further packaging used in the food industry. SAFE-IDENT OCR is based on Deep Learning.
High Reading Quality and Optimal Recognition Rates
SAFE-IDENT OCR checks whether all sequences of letters and numbers on a given object are present, correct, legible and complete, even if the print is difficult to decipher or damaged.
High Reading Speed

Ideal for high-speed production-lines as they are customary in food and pharmaceutical industries. Even with hardly readable print often found with high-speed folding box machines where the quality of the print can suffer due to slack in the machine or fluctuations in the packaging duct.

Custom-Fit Configuration: Different Types of Errors can be Detected as Needed

• Presence: Is the imprint located where it should be?
• Automatic character recognition (OCR): Which characters are printed there? What exactly is written?
• Automatic character verification (OCV): Is character ‘xy’ printed, yes or no? Do the printed characters match the default?

These can be Combined at Will, for Example

• check for presence with each product; with every xth
package also check OCR and/or OCV
• only check every xth package

Thumbnail OCR Compact
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SAFE-IDENT OCR is available in different versions. You can find all the information about OCR in the various versions in our info flyer, which you can request here free of charge:

Quick Installation Thanks to Plug and Play

Our extensive experience with numerous installations of the preceding system StrelenOCR entered into the development of SAFE-IDENT OCR. Many features were expanded and enhanced. SAFE-IDENT OCR is optionally available as IP65- or IP75-version. Reading rates of up to 10 objects per second are possible depending on the performance of the computer system in use. Thanks to small, simple, clamp-on components, SAFE-IDENT OCR can easily be installed in existing machines.

Special Design for Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

SAFE-IDENT OCR is designed for the limited space in packaging machines. The integration into existing systems is very simple. Meeting the special requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries our system also features a hygienic as well as water and dust resistant design.

A look at the user interface:

Safe-Ident OCR User Interface
SAFE-IDENT OCR can read and compare several user-defined search areas simultaneously.