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Determining Volume and Density in Two Seconds

Traditionally, industrial measuring of volume places the objects in question in rapeseed or mustard seed by immersing the product within and measuring the displaced number of seeds. Elaborate methods such as these are a thing of the past thanks to the new solution developed by Strelen.

Safe-Ident Food analyses objects and materials in just two seconds. At the klick of a button, the system not only determines the dimensions and weight of the products but also calculates their volume and density. Products such as baked goods, sweets, meat, fish, cheese as well as feedstock, intermediate products or raw materials such as bulk goods or dough.

Measuring Without Contact and Without Destruction

What makes Safe-Ident Food unique is its ability to measure the products without contact, without moving them and without needing to destroy them in the process. They are simply placed on a platform that rests on a weighing unit in order to be measured. As opposed to conventional industrial volume measurement, the products are not harmed in any way during this process, they do not have to be rotated or changed in form or consistency. They can be put back to their indented use directly after the measurement.

This also means that Safe-Ident Food can measure products of all consistencies – something conservative methods of measurement often fail at. Determining volume and density of foamed sugar mass, pastes or products changing their form – e.g. croissants – is as easily possible as automated time-lapse recordings of rising dough (“volume yield”) or recordings of drying processes (for instance with sponges or alike materials). Products with a high viscosity such as honey or pudding can simply be filled into a bowl to be measured, the system can be taught to ignore the bowl in its measuring.

Simplest Use, No Prior Setup Necessary

Safe-Ident Food offers a clear interface making it easy to use and works on a user-friendly one-click system. There is no need for the user to adjust any setting before starting. All measurements are directly documented and can be transferred to a database so that a series of specimens can be examined and analyzed centrally. Not only the parameters are determined in the output but average values and scattering are calculated as well.

Our system promises high repeatability and additionally, static information on parameters of the product can be registered as well. Our geometric measurements achieve accuracies greater than 1.5 mm (0.059”), the scale attains an accuracy of more than 0.01 g (0,00035 ounces).

Safe-Ident Food ermittelt Volumen per Knopfdruck
At the push of a single button, Safe-Ident Food determines volume and density,
among other parameters
Safe-Ident Food ermöglicht auch Zeitreihenaufnahmen eines aufgehenden Teiges
Safe-Ident Food can produce automated time lapse recordings of rising dough

Further Applications:

Safe-Ident Food misst Produkte mit hoher Viskosität
Products with a high viscosity such as honey can easily measured by being placed in a bowl
Pasten wie Senf können durch Aufstellen eines Tellers gemessen werden
Pastes, such as mustard, can be measured
on a plate
Safe-Ident Food misst Produkte mit hoher Viskosität
Measuring jelly

The user interface:

Mit nur einem Knopfdruck werden innerhalb von 2 Sekunden alle Werte berechnet und angezeigt.
At the push of just one button, all values are calculated and presented within 2 seconds.
Picture Credits: © Strelen